IDE snippets for Kickoff

Snippets for Atom, Sublime Text & VS Code

If you use Sublime Text, we have created some snippets to use with the framework. They are common pieces of HTML markup, Sass, CSS & Javascript.

How to install


With :

  1. Run Package Control: Install Package command, find and install Kickoff Snippets plugin.
  2. Restart ST editor (if required)


  1. Go to Atom > Preferences... then search for kickoff-snippets in Packages tab.
  2. Restart Atom.

VS Code

  1. Launch VS Code Quick Open (⌘+P), paste the following command, and press enter
  2. ext install kickoff-snippets

Tab triggers

  • CSS
    • animation: animation TAB
    • background-size: background-size TAB
    • background: background TAB
    • border-radius: border-radius TAB
    • box-shadow: box-shadow TAB
    • media-query: media TAB
    • transform: transform TAB
    • transition: transition TAB
    • translate3d: translate3d TAB
  • HTML
    • 2 grid columns: grid TAB
    • grid row: grid TAB
    • grid column: grid TAB
    • media object: media TAB
    • button: btn TAB
    • fluid video: video TAB
    • checkbox: checkbox TAB
    • radio: radio TAB
    • select: select TAB
    • file: file TAB
    • form actions: actions TAB
    • input: input TAB
    • table: table TAB
    • svg: svg TAB
  • Javascript
    • es6 module: es6 TAB
    • attach.js module: attach TAB
    • double-dollar: $$ TAB
  • SCSS
    • before: before TAB
    • link: link TAB
    • visited: visited TAB
    • active: active TAB
    • hover: hover TAB
    • after: after TAB
    • before&after: beforeafter TAB
    • font-size mixin: font-size TAB
    • media-query mixin: mq TAB
    • hidpi mixin: hidpi TAB
    • respond-min mixin: rmin TAB (deprecated)
    • respond-max mixin: rmax TAB (deprecated)
    • respond-minmax mixin: rminmax TAB (deprecated)
    • rotate mixin: rotate TAB
    • size mixin: size TAB
    • square mixin: square TAB
    • transition: transition TAB
    • modular-scale function: modular-scale TAB
    • multiply function: multiply TAB
    • map-deep-get function: map-deep-get TAB
    • color variables: color TAB
    • default-transition variables: default-transition TAB
    • font-family variables: font-family TAB

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