Editing this website

Before you start

  • Install Jekyll, redcarpet and Sass globally - gem install jekyll
  • Install Node from

Step 1

Run git clone https://github.com/TryKickoff/trykickoff.github.io.git

Step 2

Run cd trykickoff.github.io

Step 3

Run npm install to install all Grunt’s dependencies

Step 4

  • Run grunt watcher and a browser window will open with the site
  • Run jekyll serve --watch as a separate process to compile the site. It can then be viewed at http://localhost:4000

Please note

The Kickoff site resides at trykickoff.com/ and Jekyll builds to /_site/ wherever you run it. Make sure your localhost points to trykickoff.github.io/_site then browse to http://your-localhost.dev/

Editing the content

Most content is found in the learn and demos directories, but the home page markup is located at index.html. The Javascript and Sass source files are found in the assets/src/ directory.