Meet Kickoff

Kickoff is a lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites.

As front-end developers, the type of project we work on is becoming more and more diverse. Kickoff aims to help keep a consistent structure and style across all of your projects, without adding the bloat that other frameworks can lead to.

Kickoff tries to mitigate common problems found in web development by providing a strong starting point and a set of helpful defaults for use on almost any project.


The main difference when comparing Kickoff with other similar frameworks is that it is not nearly as prescriptive – we’re looking at you Bootstrap and Foundation.

Part of the reason we built Kickoff was because we find these frameworks a bit unwieldy in most circumstances; it can feel like grabbing a chainsaw when all you want to do is cut through a toothpick.

While those frameworks define almost every aspect of a website, with CSS styles and JavaScript plugins that do everything, Kickoff gives you just what you need.

Flexible and Extensible

When you need to extend or remove parts of Kickoff, it’s easy to do so.

Kickoff’s CSS and JavaScript has been built in a modular way, meaning that if don’t need a feature, you can easily remove it. Similarly, when you need a new component, adding it is as simple as including a new file.

For example, Kickoff includes a flexible grid system, but if you need something more complex or, heaven forbid, not use one at all, that’s not a problem; just remove it.

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