This section of the Kickoff docs will take you through the base styles and components that Kickoff includes, with accompanying demos.

If you are new to Kickoff, we recommend taking a look at our Getting Started section first, to familiarise yourself with what Kickoff has to offer.

Guide to Kickoffs demos

  • Typography – this section shows the base typographic settings of the framework.
  • Components – details the base components you can use and extend, such as buttons, media objecs and tabs.
  • Forms – this section is a guide to how we handle form styling in Kickoff, as well as the various ways to manipulate forms to whatever style you need using our extension classes.
  • Grids – A look over the various grid options that Kickoff gives you, including demos showing you how it can become a powerful tool in your own development.
  • Styleguide – a demo of our styleguide

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